Investing in a Green Cambodia

What does it take to increase green investment into Cambodia? Find out in this article.

How to Improve Strategic Planning in Asia-Pacific

In 2017, a baseline review was conducted to discuss the challenges that planners continue to face in strategic planning. During previous consultations it was agreed that FPN members could improve their forestry planning through studying gaps and needs in selected member economies, of which the most important ones are covered in this article.

The FPN should prioritize monitoring, strategic communication and knowledge sharing, new study shows

Planners in Asia-Pacific still face challenges when it comes to strategic forestry planning. The FPN baseline study reviewed these gaps and challenges and proposed three areas for the FPN to focus on.


The Colors of Forestry Financing

It is crucial for policymakers to consider how their forestry strategies are financed, because it increases the chance that the desired activities are actually implemented. The new NYDF report on Finance for Forests shows that we might be painting with the wrong colors.

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Highlights of COP 23 for Foresters

The 23rd UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP) closed on 17 November. Now that two years have passed since the historic milestone of the Paris Agreement at COP 21, what did negotiators work on this year and which parts of it affect the forest sector? Here are some highlights.

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Forestry Strategic Planning Workshop in Bangkok, 2017

This workshop was held from 18 to 19 January 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand, and gathered 23 participants from various economies and organizations to analyze and finetune the key programmatic elements of establishing the APFNet Asia-Pacific Forestry Planning Network (FPN).

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About the FPN

The APFNet-led Asia-Pacific Forestry Planning Network (FPN) is an informal knowledge network that aims to strengthen national forestry planning processes in the Asia-Pacific region. Contact Ms. CHEN Yijue at for more information.


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