Economy Summary from FPN Baseline Review


Viet Nam Forestry Development Strategy (2006-2020):

The development of Viet Nam’s Strategy responded to the need for renovation and trends in the global economy at the turn of the millennium, and was to pave the way for increased domestic and foreign investments in the forestry sector. The Strategy’s objectives cover:

  • sustainable management of 16.24 million hectares of forests
  • increase forest cover to 43% by 2010 and 47% by 2020
  • encourage wider participation from various economic sectors and social organizations in forest development
  • increase their contributions to socioeconomic development, environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and environmental services supply
  • reduce poverty and improve the livelihoods of rural people
  • contribute to national defense and security

Research, education, training and forestry extension are viewed as important means of achieving results, as are the decentralization of decision making and implementation, more effective policy, legal and institutional systems, the managed adoption of market mechanisms and the establishment of specialized monitoring and evaluation units.


Relevant Department
Forestry Inventory and Planning Institute (FIPI)


Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

VNForest (in Vietnamese):

FIPI (in English):

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