Economy Summary from FPN Baseline Review

20-Year National Strategy of the Royal Forest Department (2017-2036):

The 20-year Strategy aims to support the late King of Thailand’s philosophy of a sufficiency economy, which is based on the three principles of moderation, reasonableness, and self-immunity, and the strengthening of governance for national development. The strategy is to be reviewed every five years, which needs to be approved by the parliament. To enhance the contribution of forests and forestry to sustainable development, four strategies are directed at stopping deforestation, accelerating forest restoration, promoting reforestation by the private sector and linking the strategy to global issues and mechanisms.

Priorities include:

  • enhancing the understanding of all stakeholders on the significance of Thailand’s forest resources
  • leveling the playing field for all stakeholders involved in forest management
  • strengthening law enforcement
  • supporting local livelihoods and enhancing household income
  • developing capacity and knowledge about sustainable forest management for all stakeholders
  • promoting people’s participation


Relevant Department
Planning and Information Bureau

Royal Forest Department

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

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