Economy Summary from FPN Baseline Review


Philippine Forestry Master Plan for Climate-Resilient Forestry Development (2016-2028):

As the name of the Plan indicates, it particularly addresses concerns related to the impacts of climate change on forest ecosystems and people. In response, the Plan proposes programs and strategies to strengthen the resilience of forest ecosystems and communities, effectively respond to demands for forest ecosystem goods and services and promote responsive governance. The Plan comprises the following four programs:

  • Program to Strengthen Resilience of Forest Ecosystems and Communities to Climate Change;
  • Programs to Respond to Demands for Forest Ecosystems Goods and Services;
  • Strategies to Promote Responsive Governance in the Forestry Sector; and
  • Other Support Programs and Strategies.

The total budget for implementing all activities is around USD 1.27 billion, of which more than 47% is for commercial forest plantation development for roundwood production with a significant potential financial contribution from the private sector.


Relevant Department
Forest Policy, Planning and Knowledge Management Division

Forest Management Bureau

Department of Environment and Natural Resources
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