Economy Summary from FPN Baseline Review


Forest Policy (2015):

The Forest Policy 2015 was prepared to address the new Forestry for Prosperity concept. This is expressed in the Policy’s long-term vision to “Contribute in local and national prosperity through sustainable management of forest, biodiversity and watersheds”, and the desire to strike a balance between the improvements of poor people’s livelihoods and the conservation and sustainable management of forest ecosystems.

The Policy comprises seven sub-policies that cover:

  • forest production
  • environmental services and equitable benefit distribution
  • watershed management
  • various forms of participatory forest management
  • involvement of the private sector
  • good governance and social justice
  • climate change adaptation and mitigation

Although various references are made to carbon trading and only one to REDD+, knowledge gaps remain on the purpose of REDD+ and how it works.

**Note that the Forest Policy of 2015 and the document for download, the Forest Sector Strategy 2016-2025 are different documents. The newer Forest Strategy was not considered during the baseline review as it was unavailable at the time.**


Relevant Department
Department of Forestry

Ministry of Forests and Environment

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