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Draft Strategic Development Plan (2017-2030):

The Government of Fiji recognizes that the forest sector plays a vital role in contributing to the economy’s social, economic and environmental development. As of August 2017, the draft of the 2017 to 2030 plan was still being deliberated. The Ministry of Forests provided a Discussion Framework outlining six strategic priority areas to achieve sustainable forest management.

Objectives include:

  • strengthening forest resource management frameworks in support of legislative and policy imperatives
  • enhanced knowledge and capacity development as well as organizational effectiveness
  • strengthened governance and streamlined financial systems

Although adaptation and mitigation are not directly mentioned, the draft document makes reference to the delivery on the Sustainable Development Goals and the building of a culture of social awareness with regards to forests and global change.


Plan is still being discussed, thus no download is available, yet.

Relevant Department
Policy, Planning & Statistics Unit
Department of Forests
Ministry of Fisheries & Forests
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