About the FPN

In a world increasingly dominated by globalization and other forces, forestry strategic planning has become more complex than ever.

The Asia-Pacific Forestry Planning Network (FPN) is an informal knowledge network that aims to strengthen national economy-level forestry planning processes in the Asia-Pacific region, through experience exchange, capacity building and the provision of technical support. It is an initiative of the Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation (APFNet).

The objectives of the FPN are:

  1. To enhance networking, knowledge exchange and communications among planners and policymakers in the Asia-Pacific region.
  2. To improve the availability and accessibility of information for strategic planners and policymakers.
  3. To strengthen the knowledge, capacity and ability of forestry planning institutions and individuals at the economy level.

The FPN’s activities cover the following areas:

  • Regional network meetings
  • Technical and policy support
  • Information and knowledge development

For more information, please contact Ms. CHEN Yijue (chenyijue@apfnet.cn).


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